my background on why I’m starting this page

June 1st, 2014 I had an SCA at home in the Van in the Driveway,  my wife found me, I was having trouble breathing, she went into the house to get a phone and call for help. with in that minute or two, I died and fell between the seats of the van, she then had to go into the house again to get my son, after another minute or two they had gotten me out from between the seats and flat in the bed of the van, they got on the phone and call 911 (USA Emergency Phone Number). not exactally sure how long it took EMS to get to our house , maybe 5 – 10 mins.

I was shocked with defibrillator a couple of times to get my heart beating again, so at this point I was “dead” for 7-18 minutes.

At the Hospital they did Hypothermia Treatment, the hospital told me they froze me for 3 days, they actually took my core temperature down to 32 Degrees C

after that from the stories I have been told, I was in a coma for 7 days.

the neurologist told my wife to unplug me, that I wouldn’t get better. and yet here I am to tell my story, so after 2 weeks in Hospital , they put an ICD in me so that I would not have this happen again.

Another 2 weeks in a rehab home, and I was able to come home,

all said and done this was $900,000

I will try to post another story with what I can remember of the after life.

Then 9.28.14 I had a heart attack, that ER trip resulted in 2 stents, then put on a beta blocker and Astrovatin 40mg …. then end of December 2014 January 2015 had a ER trip, felt lightheaded, I should have told them I was Dizzy !!! all clear from ER, followed up with General Practioner, that put me in the hospital for a week, the best they could figure out was my BP would Drop as I stood up too long 😦 so for another month more tests, did tilt table test, I was passed out about 3-4 mins into the test, I woke to Doctors freaking out…. so that labeled me with autonomic neuropathy. 😦 some time in May or June of 2015 a reporter I emailed in regards to a story I read, actually emailed me. I wish I knew her name, one day when I can think better I will look for it in my email. hopefully she will contact me, some time this year she will be in my area, I need to give her a hug for saving my life, as her dad had died from statin drugs !!!! I have been reading and watching videos for some time now, finally figured out the Corruption in the system and the true damage these Drugs are causing People !!!!!!

thanks for taking the time to read my post.