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Here are some “Q”uestions from some of our members……(BTW in 2 weeks watch for updates…things are heating up FAST!! BE READY!!)
[10:56:16 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Also, what is the bonus comparison from the “LINK” to the “Email”? I know its $75 bonus for email invites when complete Q5, what is the bonus for affiliate link?Answer: When your referred guest collect their free bonuses at the end of Q2, you will receive $75, same thing happens at the end of Q3, Q4, Q5 sooooo every time they collect a free bonus you receive a free bonus payment
[10:57:02 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Please watch video again number #2 around the end of it
[10:59:55 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Next question answer: “What is the difference in inviting someone via our personal affiliate link to our email invite bonus packages?” (THIS IS THE SAME ANSWER) when you use the affiliate link you get the referral payment of $15 when your guest reaches the end of Q1, then you get $30 when guest reaches Q2, you get $60 when your guest reaches Q3, you get $90 when your guest reaches the end of Q4, and $110 when your guest reaches the end of Q5
[11:02:06 AM] Stacey Asvestas: When you use the impersonal “Inviting Suit” you get all of that plus you get $75 when they the guest pick up all of their bonuses on each of their levels at the end of each Q. This is in the video btw….FYI!! Tell your people to take notes on video #2…It’s all on there!!