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New President November 2016

So many of you are feeling worried, frustrated, frightened, anxious etc this morning…just breathe! The truth is that it doesn’t matter who won the election. All change comes from within ourselves, not from outside. We have been giving our power away for eons. We expect government and “authority” figures to fix everything for us. We must look inside ourselves and begin there. As different as we all look and act on the outside, we are all One. All from the same Source. We all basically want the same things…love, freedom, peace, joy, personal growth. As we allow ourselves to be in our heart center, free from the fear & negativity of the collective, we know that love is who we are. We know that love can heal all. We must heal from this place. As each of us begins to embrace the love that we are at our core, we begin to see the God in everyone. We are all here on planet Earth playing roles to further our own soul’s evolution as well as the collective. So when drama flares around you, stand resolutely in your center, radiating the love that you are. Anchor this energy for others to tap into. Spread love, peace. It starts with each of us personally. When more and more of us realize we are all One, we will be able to drop the illusion of separation and create the world we all wish to live in. So be calm, peaceful and know that despite appearances, all is in divine order. At the end of this Earth drama, we all go to the same cast party. So be kind to your fellow actors my friends. Much love and light to all! 💜