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New President November 2016

So many of you are feeling worried, frustrated, frightened, anxious etc this morning…just breathe! The truth is that it doesn’t matter who won the election. All change comes from within ourselves, not from outside. We have been giving our power away for eons. We expect government and “authority” figures to fix everything for us. We must look inside ourselves and begin there. As different as we all look and act on the outside, we are all One. All from the same Source. We all basically want the same things…love, freedom, peace, joy, personal growth. As we allow ourselves to be in our heart center, free from the fear & negativity of the collective, we know that love is who we are. We know that love can heal all. We must heal from this place. As each of us begins to embrace the love that we are at our core, we begin to see the God in everyone. We are all here on planet Earth playing roles to further our own soul’s evolution as well as the collective. So when drama flares around you, stand resolutely in your center, radiating the love that you are. Anchor this energy for others to tap into. Spread love, peace. It starts with each of us personally. When more and more of us realize we are all One, we will be able to drop the illusion of separation and create the world we all wish to live in. So be calm, peaceful and know that despite appearances, all is in divine order. At the end of this Earth drama, we all go to the same cast party. So be kind to your fellow actors my friends. Much love and light to all! ūüíú

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Q & A!!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTIONS!! I just got off the phone with the founder…..Please keep the Q coming in!! Do not be shy!!
Thank you Edmond for these questions!! Suggestion BOX!
Who is next?
Here are some “Q”uestions from some of our members……(BTW in 2 weeks watch for updates…things are heating up FAST!! BE READY!!)
[10:56:16 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Also, what is the bonus comparison from the “LINK” to the “Email”? I know its $75 bonus for email invites when complete Q5, what is the bonus for affiliate link?Answer: When your referred guest collect their free bonuses at the end of Q2, you will receive $75, same thing happens at the end of Q3, Q4, Q5 sooooo every time they collect a free bonus you receive a free bonus payment
[10:57:02 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Please watch video again number #2 around the end of it
[10:59:55 AM] Stacey Asvestas: Next question answer: “What is the difference in inviting someone via our personal affiliate link to our email invite bonus packages?” (THIS IS THE SAME ANSWER) when you use the affiliate link you get the referral payment of $15 when your guest reaches the end of Q1, then you get $30 when guest reaches Q2, you get $60 when your guest reaches Q3, you get $90 when your guest reaches the end of Q4, and $110 when your guest reaches the end of Q5
[11:02:06 AM] Stacey Asvestas: When you use the impersonal “Inviting Suit” you get all of that plus you get $75 when they the guest pick up all of their bonuses on each of their levels at the end of each Q. This is in the video btw….FYI!! Tell your people to take notes on video #2…It’s all on there!!

7-29-2016 I believe I have Found the last Piece to the puzzle !!!

For the People that do not believe in things they do not understand, can feel or see.  I ask God that you awaken in this time of world unrest.


contact me , I know I great person that sells them for $45 shipped to you.

I was standing talking to him, while he did this quick test on my wife,¬† I looked in disbelief, but I was holding the little round disk in my right hand the whole time we where talking and he did the little test on my wife…¬† ok here came the true test…

I was holding the bracelet in my right hand, let me remind you that we have been standing still for  10 minutes, I know from past experience I would normally have to sit down, to get my Blood Pressure to Come close to a normal range !!!!  I was not slurring my words, wavering the tall grass in the wind !!!

Ok he did the test on me,¬† ( this test is just a simple test on a persons balance, he pulls on your hand, all he does is pull on your hand down towards the ground.¬† I can’t tell you how stable I was !!!!)

This journey has been the greatest I have ever had in my life, although without the many pieces of my life, and I sit and put them together is just  the greatest Blessing of anyone I know !!!

God Bless everyone,

I hope I will at least touch one person a day

also today 7-30-2016  I start Bee Bread !!!!  my thoughts simplified on this, it is honey and pollen and some tablets ( another Bee Product )  all mixed together and curing  for 2 weeks,

I believe this will help my blood stream regain its balance and take the Vitamins and minerals where they need to go in my body !!!

also the swelling and pressure in the back on my knees is slowly going down, !!!!!


Just a note, maybe we can after all we can put Humpty Dumpty Back together again !!!!


well about 9 days with radio frequency band on¬† ūüôā still slow and steady improvements !!!!!

I’m thinking better, moving better, and that is to say even with some alignment issues that my natural path is working on , I get re-adjusted on the 18th ūüôā