Links to Doctors I think are going in the Direction

All of these site have lots of free information, but you have to keep reading, and yes they have things to buy, after all they are working and trying to make a living doing good for the public and people. Also some of these are links to ORG site and similar type information sites  🙂    ( He is the one that likes essential oils )    ( Dr. Joseph Merola I feel he is just out to spread what information on good health that he can . )  ( Nutrition & Fitness Expert  )  ( like me, just trying to put good information out there )  ( Nick Ortner is giving his take on what I believe to be a form of acupressure, many benefits) ( i like this site, lots of FREE information, I get an email a day from them with new articles on health things, some I read , a lot I do not have time to looks at )   (integrative Cardiologist )    ( here is someone that passed on his fathers empire ie:Basket Robins Ice Cream in the name of health !!!!!!  )  ( I think she is the future of medical doctors,  has medical degree, plus all the training in naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant ( he has some great videos on hamstrings and such )     ( fibromyalgia – he wrote the fibro fix book ) ( leaky Gut, helps you fix this, he likes bone broth etc… )  ( ( Dr. Trevor Cates, Organic ways for glowing skin and vibrant health) ( he is out on his own mission spreading good information ) (( Alzheimer’s Solutions ) Inflammation again ! )) best suggestions  taking fish oil !!!  Reduce Sugar intake !!!   increase fat, address Imbalances …   coming to same conclusions as Diabetes and Heart Disease.  More to my thoughts that Big Food is killing us slowly !!   way to much sugar in our Diets !!! not enough meat that are  raised as God Intended .  Vegetables  do not have the nutrients it did 50 years ago !!!