Statin Drugs are Very Very Bad !!!!

I wish I could remember my whole story, but I had an SCA 6.1.14, then a heart attack 9.28.14 went to ER end of 2014 then nothing wrong, so had to go see Dr the following week. that put me in the hospital for 1 week, then  a few more tests with in that next 4 weeks, I had a name of a condition…  boo who , but still no one figured out the cause.  now well over 1.5 years, I know exactly , what caused it.  and my lack of memory,  statins took all the cholesterol out of my body, good and bad…  the Idiots if they would have realized this sooner I would  not be still dizzy, trying everything to heal the nerve damage and brain damage they have done to me !!!!!!

from what I can gather, it appears statins may have some minute benefit in their anti-inflammatory mechanism, but the trouble is unless you are party to the full information on these studies you will never know the full truth. Virtually all studies are funded by big Pharma, and they have to show some benefit. How they arrived at that result is very often by manipulating statistics, cherry picking members who take part in the studies, moving people from placebo group into statin takers group, ending studies early because they don’t like the way things are going. So basically I don’t feel I can trust anything about the outcome of any studies funded by the pharma giants. If I had arterial damage or heart problems I would look to completely changing my diet to HFLC, cutting out all sugars and carbs. I also take Vitamins K2 (MK7), D3, and Vit A, because studies (not funded by big pharma) show that these three work together to actually put the calcium in plaque where it belongs in the bones ! and can reverse plaque build up in the arteries.

PS: my simple rule of thumb, if you see it on TV, chances are it is harmful and or dangerous , I have come to this conclusion, because only the super wealthy can afford ads, the 1%, only want it all, at all cost. so until we wake up and stop the corruption in the world, we have no choice but to live with it !!!  last updated 8/2015 !!!!!!!!  even the Government now telling us all the bad these drugs are doing !!!!!

ok here is a glimmer of hope Vitamin C   we need !!!!!   and why !!!!!!!

web sites that are helping to share the bad effects of statin drugs :     People this is from a Government Web Page !!!!!!!!!!